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School canopies might just appear to be a design choice at first, but they can actually have a range of useful benefits that make them great additions to the school grounds. A lot of school properties use canopies for a single purpose, but once installed, they can have a variety of uses.

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We at Pro Canopies can offer a wide range of school canopy options for all kinds of properties, providing different designs for different locations and purposes as needed. A decent canopy can be more than just a place to shelter from the weather, offering new learning options or extra functionality within the school itself.

All of our canopies are chosen and/or designed bespoke for each school, meaning that we will tailor the outdoor canopies to your exact needs. Whether you just want basic shade or are looking for full covered outdoor dining areas, we can find something to suit your outdoor spaces.

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Why choose Pro Canopies?

We are an experienced and well-connected school canopy company with a large range of different canopy products on offer. Each one of our outdoor canopies is designed with the client’s specific needs in mind, as well as the limitations and dimensions of their outdoor space.

All our school canopies are designed and crafted to a high standard of quality, and our expert staff know how to install them reliably and safely. Our work has won us a number of different awards and accreditations in the past, all of which have come from the excellent quality and strength of our school canopy designs.

We can offer a wide range of different school canopy options and a very flexible installation service, ensuring that you get whatever shelter and covered spaces you need for your school grounds. We can service both primary and secondary schools, as well as other schools that might require bespoke canopies or installation services.

Why do schools need canopies?

School canopies are not just a design element. A good canopy can have a range of major benefits, some of which will be more obvious or useful than others. In the grand scheme of things, having even a basic school canopy can provide your outdoor space with some added flair and functionality.

Create space

School canopies create sheltered spaces that can double as outdoor classrooms, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to outdoor learning. Not only can these promote creativity and improve student health, but they become a great way to do things that you can’t do in a regular classroom.

This can mean exercises, playing musical instruments, getting messy with art projects, or even just learning about the outside world as a whole. There can be numerous benefits to using a school canopy to teach students, especially those that thrive on creativity.

Protect from the weather

Weather protection can be useful for a range of different situations, including during break time. Not only can a school canopy protect against rain, but also UV light and excess heat. Some are even designed to provide shade from the sun.

These can be used during breaks, for lessons, in the middle of outdoor learning experiences, or even just as a place to store yard play equipment when it is not being used. Having a school canopy opens up a lot of possibilities that might be worth exploring.

Improved Focus

For some students, being outside can help wake them up and increase their overall focus. School canopies provide a great way for them to stir themselves awake in the fresh air, all while still sheltering them from heat, sunlight, rain, or even snow.

Whether they are in a lesson or not, having a way for a student to snap themselves awake can be important for getting them focused again. It can be hard to clear your head in a regular classroom, and a school canopy can solve that problem.


While it might not be the original purpose of a school canopy, many schools use entrance canopies as an added source of style. A nicer-looking school can improve morale and double as a playground shelter, providing a practical covered space that is also nice to look at.

Good entrance canopies for schools can also have their own added features, like benches to help people rest under the covered walkway. Creating a nicer-looking outdoor environment can improve confidence in the school and make it a nicer space to enjoy in general.

Canopies for early years and primary schools

Choosing the right canopies for schools depends on what each school actually needs. Primary school canopies are often based on improving early development and providing proper safety to smaller children, enabling easier learning in a safer and more comfortable space.

Important for early development

The practical benefits of school canopies in primary schools can’t be ignored. A sheltered external environment can blend seamlessly with the existing architecture and provide far more teaching space or become an essential element of outdoor play.

Adding a canopy to a school site effectively gives children an outdoor learning space, outside play spot, dining area and social location. Outdoor shelters like this can make a big difference for children who prefer to stay outside and get fresh air or ones who learn best when they are being stimulated by the wind and weather.

Having outdoor classrooms available is always better than not having the option at all. Even if they are not used all year-round, school canopies are very versatile spaces that can be used for a lot of different purposes, and there are no real limits to how you can decide to use them. This makes them a very practical addition with a lot of potential.

Reduced risk

Outdoor canopies can provide a contained space for children to gather and also provides good protection from the elements. Having a reliable source of outdoor shelter can be an important way to beat things like heatstroke in summer or rainfall that could lead to black ice in winter.

However your school uses the canopy, it can be worth having it there for these benefits alone. Even if they never see use as outdoor classroom areas, playground shelters can still be worth having, providing a nicer space for children to relax or play without being placed in any direct danger.

High UV protection

UV protection is also a valid reason to use school canopies, both for children and school equipment. UV light can cause certain health hazards through long-term exposure without sunscreen or other shelter, and it can also cause coloured surfaces to fade.

This makes school canopies great options for protecting children in the playground, as well as providing temporary shelter for anything that needs to be stored outside. This is important for a primary school since younger children are often far more vulnerable to skin damage.


School canopies are cost-effective compared to building entirely new enclosed structures and provide far more freedom of movement. This can make them a cheaper and more versatile option when trying to improve outdoor areas, as they are able to provide shade and be adjusted to suit a range of different niches and needs.

For example, you can throw together outdoor dining areas quite quickly by simply placing tables beneath an outdoor canopy. This creates a dining canopy safe from the sun’s harmful rays but still open to the surrounding environment.

A covered space is a lot cheaper than constructing an entirely new building – whether you are using it as a dining area, for covered walkways, or just as part of a play area.

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Secondary School Canopies?

Secondary school canopies can compensate for the lack of space that many secondary schools struggle with, especially if their existing facilities are all being used in other ways. Unlike primary schools, secondary school canopies do not need to protect students quite as much, so they can be even more varied.

Uses of canopies for secondary schools

While all of the primary schools’ previous benefits still apply, secondary schools can also focus more on being part of educational institutions. Since a play area is not as necessary, canopy structures can be tougher and even more versatile than they were before.

This means that a canopy can replace the need for an entirely new building. For example, you could get an all-steel-frame school canopy that acts as a flexible outdoor classroom first and foremost, only doubling as a playground shelter between lessons.

Specifications for secondary school canopies

Secondary (and onward) school canopies need to be hard-wearing and durable, whether they are used as playground shelters or outdoor spaces for learning. A new canopy in a secondary school can be more durable and less safety-focused without harming the students, especially compared to primary school and how protective playgrounds need to be there.

This means that you can get a lot more granular with your design specifications. If you want playground canopies that can double as a classroom, decked out in your school colours, then we can arrange to get you the covered walkways you want at an affordable price.

Canopies for colleges and universities

Canopies for schools are not just meant for the early years. Universities and college grounds can benefit heavily from canopy solutions, offering all of the same benefits while also adding to the overall style and functionality of whatever outdoor space the premises has.

This can be great for providing shade from harmful UV rays while people study outside. Even a basic shade sail can become a focal point for outdoor study, and a full polycarbonate roof canopy might even turn into a landmark of the college grounds.

Specialised uses, such as cycle shelters, are entirely possible for our installation team to set up. Even the smallest addition can make such a difference to the outdoor areas around a college, just like all canopies for schools and study areas.

What materials are popular for college canopies?

We have a range of different canopy material options on offer, ranging from specialised options (like a polycarbonate roof) to simple and affordable choices (metal structure legs). However, some of these are always going to be more popular than others.

Most colleges and universities use steel and aluminium canopy designs, with UV protective coating on the roof to fight off harmful UV rays. Some canopies are even designed with a glass roof, although this depends on the location of the canopy and how it is meant to be used.

Sports MUGA canopies

MUGA (multi-use games areas) spaces can often use canopy designs as extra shelters. Unlike playground shelters, these are only partially related to the education sector – they are often used to shelter spectators or provide protection for athletes.

A new canopy can provide more cover and shade, keep equipment safe from wet weather, or just add some extra style. They are generally a little larger than playground shelters and can be used all year round, not just in the summer months where sports are most likely to be played outdoors.

Benefits of School Canopies

A canopy can have many benefits, working in any environment, regardless of how old the students are. A decent canopy design will stand up for years while only needing basic maintenance, and most canopy options are more durable than you would think at first.

Some of the core benefits of a school canopy include:

When it comes to canopies for schools, we can help upgrade your environment and improve the great outdoors of your property, making it safer and more enjoyable for students and teachers alike.

Costs of school canopies

Installing a canopy in the great outdoors is not free, but there are a lot of ways to adjust the price based on what you are actually getting – and the specific design details of the canopy.

On average, the cost of supplying and installing a canopy at a school ranges from around £1,500 to £10,000. This varies based on the kinds of canopies for schools, as well as how large they are and how many materials they will be made from.

Cost-Affecting Factors

There are a variety of factors that impact the cost of a school shelter installation. These include:

If you want an accurate breakdown of how much canopies for schools can cost – and how much your canopy design might cost – then contact us today. Our staff are experts at estimating the prices of canopies for schools.

We can install affordable canopies at your institution, so contact us now to get started on your dream project. Your students will thank you, and your school can receive a breath of new life that provides year-round benefits to students of any age.

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Do I need planning permission?

A school canopy is often categorised as a building extension, meaning that you will want planning permission before you start work. This can be important since it might not be legal for you to install one without permission, even on your own school property.

Freestanding canopies are considered buildings and are subject to some of the same restrictions. Note that there are ways you can design a canopy that removes the need for planning permission – our experts can help you with that, if possible.

Freestanding vs lean-to canopies

Freestanding canopies provide year-round protection for a specific area, even if it is far away from the main building. These can serve a lot of different purposes, but it depends on where you place them.

Many of these freestanding canopy designs end up being used as year-round play spots or even year-round shelters for outdoor learning. However, again, this all changes depending on where the canopy is placed and how practical it would be to use for those purposes.

Lean-to canopies are attached to the side of a school building, giving them a more limited amount of reach. However, they can also be more practical in certain instances, providing shelter right next to the school instead of out in the yard. This makes them more effective at keeping people dry since they do not need to cross the exposed yard to get back inside.

Are outdoor classrooms worth it?

An outdoor classroom can have a lot of educational value, although not every student will prefer them. They are a case-by-case preference, but the majority of students will enjoy them even if they are meant as an occasional treat rather than a constant part of their lesson plan.

Should a school canopy be furnished?

Adding furniture to a school canopy can make it even more versatile, letting you use it as a classroom or a rest area or a place for students to eat lunch. How you furnish a space like this will change the way that students use it.

Is outdoor learning better than indoor learning?

Outdoor learning can have plenty of value that indoor learning does not, making it a great thing to include, even if it is just a rare addition to a student’s schedule. Colleges and universities can benefit very heavily from having optional outdoor study areas for students who prefer them.

Either way, having an outdoor learning or study space can always be better than not providing one at all. Students who do not like it will not use it, but those who do will gravitate towards them very often.

How can I maximise my outdoor space?

Using a canopy to add more outdoor space can provide you with even more room for students to enjoy. While it might not sound like it, a canopy effectively gives you another room without eating up any ground space, ensuring that you still have a full outdoor yard.

By adding a canopy, you basically turn a smaller area into two distinct spaces, giving that small section of the yard twice the practical value and using up only half the space that you would have otherwise.

Do I need to plan my canopy myself?

We can help you plan out your canopy from start to finish and provide the skills needed to oversee the entire construction and installation process. Whatever you are looking for, our experts are here to make it much easier for you and to give you the best results we possibly can.

It is still possible for you to plan out the whole canopy if you want. We can take your original plan and find something that suits your chosen criteria, making absolutely sure that we satisfy as many of your requirements as possible while also keeping the canopy realistic and practical.

We are more than happy to work with you directly on a new design, so do not hesitate to contact our specialists if you need help planning out the perfect canopy for your school.


Canopies are a great addition to any place of education, whether that is a regular school, a college or a university. A school business manager will easily be able to see the impacts it could have – more shelter, more space, and a low drain on the school budget.

Using a canopy well can be a great way to maximise the amount of space you get from the outdoor areas of a primary school by creating safe, weatherproof shelters. These shelters can be used for learning or play in equal measure and are highly versatile.

If you are interested in getting a canopy installed in your school or are looking to replace an existing canopy that you have seen elsewhere, contact us today. We specialise in bespoke design work and can help you achieve the exact results that you are looking for.

Based on your needs and location, we can offer an instant quote for your canopy, which is certain to be the most cost-effective solution for your primary school, secondary school, or college.

A canopy can transform any learning facility and can improve the educational lives of its students, offering a safe and comfortable space for them to enjoy the outdoors as they get their education or relax between lessons. Even the smallest primary school can get one installed quickly and conveniently.

Contact us today for a quick quote or to learn more about the canopy options we can offer you.

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